Disco Demon RPG

My friends and collaborators over at This Game Is Haunted had me do the soundtrack for their turn-based dance battle game Disco Demon RPG. It was a super fun project and an awesome excuse to create some disco inspired tracks.


Trash Kings

This game is my second collaboration with the Portland based game studio This Game Is Haunted. Trash Kings is a narrative-focused resource management game (you could call it a clicker) about raccoons, trash, and society's unsustainable greed and waste production. So, you know, basic game stuff. The soundtrack is broken up by stages and the game’s release is TBA.


Chorizo Comic

I collaborated with comic book artist Alejandro Paz on his wrestling based comic, Chorizo. I did some soundtrack work for him and created a couple 8-bit inspired entrance themes for characters from the comic for his video game concept.